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autumn preparation for snow and frost

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autumn preparation for snow and frost

Winter hair does not indicate - take care of them today

Summer is long gone, and our hair waiting for winter - it does not benefit them or a little more than heat and sunstroke. And autumn is the time when his mane for something you can do to make it to spring not only beautiful to look at, but also healthy.

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Winter hair does not indicate - take care of them today

Autumn preparation for snow and frost

If you have not yet gotten to it, it's time to do something (in hair care, the same rules for women as for men).

 Summer sun dried hair, rinse in salt or pool water treated with chlorine is also, and the result is dull, limp hair with split ends.

Worse on it is wavy hair, which spawns more of them than the smooth, straight.

Often they appear as dandruff, hair break and at best, despite all efforts are "only" and flying around his head in all directions.

If you go to the hairdresser regularly, it will not fall regeneration of hair no problem: expert knows what type of hair you have, and accordingly will recommend hair care products. At your request, you take care of your hair at the hair salon.


You can in the time between visits to the hairdresser used for the treatment of dry and brittle hair good hair oil - but really only the quality that absorbed and leave the hair greasy the next day

 Very good for hair masks can be applied every other day to slightly dry out your hair if you need a thorough recovery.

After each wash, you should use a rinse product, either from their own herbs (birch, nettle, chamomile - nourish hair and limit their hair), or choose from hair care to be the beer for a nice shine.




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